Melrose T-Top Int. is a GM licensed  Corvette parts manufacturer

  | Since 1983 |


Who We Are


Melrose T-Top Int. has been proudly producing quality Corvette parts for over 35 years.  Its humble beginnings can be traced back to Melrose Auto Body; a brick four stall body shop  in Melrose Park, IL circa 1983.  

Nearly four decades of growth from its humble beginnings and multiple T-Top and roof related GM licensing agreements, Melrose T-Top now manufactures OE(original equipment) quality replacement T-Tops and roofs for 5 generations of  Corvettes. 

What We Do


We make the best replacement Corvette roofs and T-Tops on the planet.  We make many other parts as well, but the top half of the car is our specialty. 

From tempered glass t-tops for 68-82 C3 Corvettes to transparent and carbon fiber replacement panels for the newest mid-engine C8, no matter what your taste or budget, we have you covered.


Why Choose Us


Melrose T-Top sets the industry standard for this area of the car.   The following are just a few of things that help us do that: 

  • Many parts are direct from actual GM tooling
  • Family owned and operated
  • Official GM Licensed restoration parts manufacturer 
  •  Easy to reach technical support
  • Lifetime adhesion guarantees
  • DOT authorized
  • In house CNC routing and thermo-forming 
  • O.E. spec products
  • Solutions for all price levels

T-Tops / Roofs

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Melrose T-Top International

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